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About the seminar

The Latin American Anthropology Seminar series is a forum in which anthropologists in the early phase of their careers working on Latin America can present their work and get feedback in a supportive and collaborative environment, as well as build connections between researchers and departments. It is jointly run by the Institute of Latin American Studies and several London-based Anthropology departments such as LSE, Goldsmiths and UCL. The seminars take place fortnightly at the Senate House during term time. Seminars are chaired by peers on a rotational basis and take the form of around 45 minute presentations so as to leave time for questions and discussion.

Convenors: Agustín Diz (LSE), Johanna Gómez (UCL), Clate Korsant (Goldsmiths), Agathe Faure (LSE), Natalia Bonet (Kent), Martyn Wemyss (Goldsmiths), Gabriela Piña Ahumada (LSE), Ainhoa Montoya (ILAS, SAS).

Header image by Shabnam Mayet under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license